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We provide a mosaic of SaaS solutions that give competitive advantage to clients in terms of efficiency, costs and deployment. Shriaura has the right expertise, process and experience in mobile application development Our team is led by veteran professionals with proven experience in Enterprise Mobile computing.

Home Visit for Care Agencies:

This mobile solution empowers the Nurses/ GP's working for home agencies during their home visits.

Key Features:

  • Message alerts for GP/Nurses/Patients on appointments
  • Leveraging on historical l patient data for accurate diagnosis
  • Access /view to patient record details
  • View Health record which include a whole range of data in comprehensive or summary form, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs and personal stats
  • Decision support for physicians at point of prescription
  • Electronic workflow which avoids duplication of work

Physician Appointment Scheduler:

Provides convenience services between physicians and patients to schedule manage appointments via smart phones/web portal.

Key features and benefits:

  • Manage appointments of Patients and Physicians
  • Colour coding for physician schedules
  • Flexible Searching for appointments and Doctors
  • Patient messaging system reduces waiting time
  • Improves productivity and better care to patients
  • In today's chaotic life, one never knows when an emergency situation can arise and in that golden hour your personal mobile with your health record can be of precious value to the care provider as informed diagnosis make a lot of difference in saving a life..
  • My Health record is a repository of your health record which you can update after your medical check ups.
  • Your vital stats, lab reports, current medication,insurance provider details emergency contacts etc..
  • Data is securely stored locally on your mobile and in case of emergency the complete clinical chart can be emailed & SMSed. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the data entry, we have tried to make it self explanatory with the help document. Just as your carry driving licence in your wallet you carry your health record on your mobile.
  • A life saving tool during the golden hour


SelfCare my heath record for Android

SelfCare my heath record for ios

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